2019-09-13: 4-H Showmanship Manual information

September 13, 2019

Note: new pathway for downloading free copies of 4-H Poultry Showmanship – National Standard, go to:

     Click on 4-HYD

     Then click on 4-H STEM

     Next click on 4-H Raising Animals

     Finally, scroll down to the Showmanship Publication

2019-08-30: Posivite vND in San Diego

September 01, 2019

A positive vND flock in San Diego County was confirmed.   PLEASE obey the  Quarantine orders.   Even if you are outside the Quarantine Area, practice the highest levels of biosecurity.

      -Dr. Bradley

2019-08-15: New vND finding in San Bernardino County

August 15, 2019

After a 2 month period with no new positive vND findings, there has been confirmation of a new positive in San Bernardino County.   Everyone must be on high alert.   Exercise the highest levels of biosecurity.

2019-04-24: National Avian Bowl Manuals

April 26, 2019

PLease note that as of December 1, 2018, Clemson will no longer take checks for orders of the National Avian Bowl manuals.  Other forms of payment are still acceptable. 

2019-04-09: List of Fairs with no live poultry

April 10, 2019

Here is our best information as to the list of California fairs that will not have live poultry in 2019. 

*These fairs have been added since the last update.