Small Flock and Gamebird Info


Sick Poultry:  Contact the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System.

Fact Sheets: These are short publications which address a specific topic; publication is occasional.  Additional titles which were judged to be of greater interest to commercial producers can be found under "Publications" on the menu.

  1. PFS No. 15A  Getting Started in the Egg Business

  2. PFS No. 16C  California Turkey Production

  3. PFS No. 17B  The Ratite Meat Industry

  4. PFS No. 18c  Standard Bred Poultry - Sources and Resources

  5. PFS No. 19  Points to Ponder Before Starting A Poultry Operation

  6. PFS No. 20  Chicken Meat Production in California

  7. PFS No. 26  Biosecurity for Poultry Flocks

  8. PFS No. 27  Sanitation-Disinfection Basics

  9. PFS No. 28  Animal Production Food Safety Programs

  10. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  PFS No. 35  Incubating Eggs In Small Quantities

  11. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  PFS No. 36  Keep Your Flock Healthy

Leaflets: These generally contain longer more comprehensive coverage of a specific subject than fact sheets. They are printed and sold by the publication unit of the Division of Agricultural and Natural Resources. For information contact DANR Ag Publications, 6701 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA 94608-1239; (510) 642-2431. There are currently 13 poultry titles in the catalog; e-mail There are currently 13 poultry titles in the catalog.  Those of particular interest to small producers or hobbiests are listed below.  A few of these are available for preview on line.  Printed copies provide better quality.

  1. 4-H Poultry Showmanship, 1998, 19 photographs and text, 16 pp., #4-H 2060, $3.50.
  2. Development of the Pheasant Embryo, 1987, 19" x 25" poster with color photographs, #3321, $3.50.
  3. Growing a Small Flock of Turkeys, 1981, 12 pp., #2733, $1.75.
  4. Keep Your Flock Healthy, 1976, 4 pp., #2902, $1.50.
  5. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Raising Chukar Partridges, 1982, 12 pp., #21321, $1.75.
  6. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Raising Geese, 1975, 8 pp., #2225, $1.50.  [Color Photos of Breeds]
  7. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Starting and Managing Small Poultry Units, 1980, 20 pp., #2656, $2.00.
  8. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  La cria de pollos y gallinas en menor escala, 1980, 20 pp., #21149, $2.00.

These leaflets are only available online:

  1. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Selecting Chickens for Home Use
  2. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Raising Ducks in Small flocks.  [Color Photos of Breeds]
  3. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Why My Hens Stopped Laying
  4. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Portable Poultry House
  5. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Marek's Disease in Backyard Chicken Flocks
  6. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Feeding Chickens
  7. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Raising Guinea Fowl
  8. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Raising Game Birds
  9. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Raising Game Birds Manual (ANR publication number 8165)
  10. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Preventing Avian Pox
  11. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Hatching Egg Sanitation: The Key Step in Successful Storage and Production, 2004.
  12. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Common Incubation Problems: Causes and Remedies2004.
  13. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Egg Candling and Breakout Analysis2004.
  14. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Raising and Propagating Japanese Quail
  15. pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Raising Chukar Partridges, 1982.

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