2023-12-06: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) moving across and down the state

       While HPAI detections can be expected during the periods of wild bird migrations, it is still a shock when they occur in our state.   At this writing on Dec. 5th, in the last week there have been positive detections in Fresno, Sonoma, and San Benito counties.  We have come to suspect introductions of the virus by wild birds and humans failing to practice proper biosecurity.   The recent outbreaks in Sonoma County are more frightening.   Both the commercial duck ranch and the commercial laying hen operation have been targeted by an extremist animal rights group, Direct Action Everywhere.    According to the Executive Director of the Sonoma County Farm Bureau, both the duck and egg operations were infiltrated by protestors.   The time of the trespassing was within the incubation period of the HPAI virus.   Therefore, all poultry producers must do everything possible to protect their birds from not just wild birds, but bio-terrorists.

Dr. Bradley

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