2023-11-20: Avian Science Notes November Newsletter

November 2023     Avian Science Notes

The Champions!

      2023 National 4-H Avian Bowl Champions – California.    Rylin Gamble, Chloe Hausmann, and Tuilerie Gayeton were undefeated at the National Avian Bowl Contest in Louisville, Kentucky.   The California Team, based on the written test scores, was seeded sixth.   First through fifth seeds were Minnesota, Florida, Arkansas, Ohio, and New York, respectively.   In the Winner’s Bracket, California defeated Mississippi, Arkansas, North Carolina, and New York.   After their defeat to California, New York ran the Loser’s Bracket and came back to play California again.    The Californians were up for the second face-off and defeated New York a second time.

    Coaching the California Team was Samantha Downey.     She is California’s first legacy National Champion Avian Bowl Coach.    Mrs. Marcia Downey coached the California Team to the National Championship in 2012 (with Samantha’s sister, Spencer, on the team).

     Photos of the Championship Team and their activities in Louisville are coming soon.  Keep watching this site.


The November 2023 Revised National Avian Bowl Manual

    The new Manual is being put on line, soon, at Clemson University.   


The Manual may be downloaded or a print copy ordered.  Either way, the costs is $15.   Postage will depend on number of copies in one order. 

As I write this on Nov. 20th, the new Manual is not yet up on the Clemson site.   When you check the link, if that is still the case, be patient.   After Dec. 1, 2023, if you still cannot access correct ordering info.,  please contact Dawn Anticole at 864.656.9872.     Be sure to thank Ms. Anticole for all the technical publishing assistance she has provided.


2024 National Avian Bowl Study Sections  

From the National 4-H Avian Bowl Manual

                     Revised Nov. 2023

Prologue to the Avian Bowl Manual           


Raising Waterfowl (Duck Breeds & Geese Breeds only)                     24-25


Breeds, Varieties, and Strains (AOSB & Miscellaneous only)              78-80   


Eggcyclopedia (Eggs from A to Z through Daily Values)                      103-118


Raising Your Home Chicken Flock                                                       153-161


Squab Production                                                                                171-173


Contributions of Individuals from Industry, Academia,

and the Government to the Advancement of Poultry Science

(1953 through 1962 inductees only)                                                    215-217


                                              -Dr. Francine Bradley, Editor