2023-01-03: New Fact Sheets for National 4-H Avian Bowl study

The NEW fact sheets for this year’s study sec are now available on 4-H Ntl P&Egg web site:  http://national4hpoultry.ca.uky.edu/

     Then go to Contest Info &

     Then to Avian Bowl and  see:

  • Prologue ... pdf available online
  • Avian systems (Circulatory, nervous, excretory, muscle, skeletal only) ... pages 39-40
  • Breeds, varieties, and strains (through New Hampshires, Characteristics) ... pages 67-71
  • Eggcyclopedia  ... pages 102-124
  • Small turkey flock (All)... pages 45-54
  • A revised version of 'Changing World of Poultry and Eggs Market' ... pdf available online
  • Embryology (Daily development through entire glossary) ... pages 191-195
  • New section: Non-food uses of eggs ... pdf available online

Note: The above study material came from the National 4-H Avian Bowl Manual revised in 2017.

The avian bowl manual is now available online, free of charge, including some of the new sections and some of the revised sections.

2023 avian bowl sections (pdf)

Prologue to the new avian bowl manual (pdf)

Changing world of poultry and egg markets (pdf)

Complete 2017 avian bowl manual (pdf) for the pages from avian systems; breeds, varieties, and strains; eggcyclopedia; small turkey flock; and embryology

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