2021-05-04: National Avian Bowl Study Sections for 2021, Also How To Order The National Avian Bowl Manual

National Avian Bowl Study Sections for 2021

(Same as published for 2020)

From National 4-H Avian Bowl Manual Rev. Jan. 2016                                              Pages

Raising Waterfowl (Sources through General Breeding Management)                  26-30

Avian Systems (The Feather)                                                                                      43

Growing Blue Ribbon Pullets (All)                                                                              57-65

Breeds, Varieties, and Strains (Introduction, Bantams Americans & Asiatics)        69-73

Eggcyclopedia (Curdling through It’s All in an Egg)                                                  118-136

Ratites (All)                                                                                                                   171-173

Commercial Poultry Industry (All)                                                                               175-176

Embryology (Parts of the Egg through Candling)                                                     186-192


How To Order The National Avian Bowl Manual

The avian bowl manual is available from:

Clemson University, Bulletin Room – Room 82
96 Poole Agricultural Center
Clemson, SC  29634-0129

Cost per packet is $15.00 (includes first class shipping)
(864) 656-0281 (phone) (revised 6/11/21)

Payments cannot be made by check.

The following link can be used to purchase National Avian Bowl manuals, using a credit card:   http://shopping.clemson.edu/. When the Clemson Shopping pages comes up, enter Man161 (NO spaces between the alpha and numeric) in the Search Products Box.

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