2020-03-20: Decision to Postpone 2020 Avian Bowl Qualifier

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     I am sure you all understand that we all need to follow the CDC, State of California, and UC guidelines during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Therefore, the Qualifier scheduled for this April, is postponed.

     I cannot tell you when we will be able to have the Qualifier.   As soon as it advisable for all of us to come together, I will make arrangements and post the new date and specifics on this website.  Try to check my website (and tell your 4-H poultry friends to do the same) at least once per week.  There you will find information about the Qualifier, status of fairs and expositions, and the ever-important vND Quarantine updates.  Specifically, check the tabs for:

     Avian Science Notes,

     Events, and

     Disease News

     Now for parents looking for something to keep their children occupied and for 4-H members who have finished their course work and are looking for something to do:


                 2020 AVIAN BOWL STUDY SECTIONS

    If you do not have the Avian Bowl Study Manual, please see the January 2020 issue of Avian Sciences Notes.   It contains ordering information.                                                                                         

    For those worried how this will impact the Senior Team we will eventually crown, remember we traditionally have one of the first (if not the first) State Qualifiers in the country.  Obviously, no State can  hold a fair or other event that might host a State Avian Bowl Qualifier.   We are all in this together.   I am especially heartened that all of you in the California 4-H Poultry family probably have a much better understanding of biosecurity, cleaning and disinfection, and disease prevention than the average California.   Be sure to practice good personal biosecurity.

    Every part of the 4-H Pledge applies more now than ever.   Stay safe and well.

                                         -Dr. Bradley

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