Computer Programs

Computer Programs Available

The University of California has developed several software programs for commercial egg producers. This software programs have been tested extensively for up to 15 years in hundreds of applications. 

EXCEL Software

The following programs require Excel software.   The programs may be downloaded from this page by clicking on the highlighted file name below.  For some programs supplemental information is available; if you want this download the reference material below the program.  

  1. Daily Flock Record (DAYRECD-1) - University of California Daily Flock Manager (revised July 2006).  This spreadsheet is designed for Microsoft Excel software users. (a similar version is available for Lotus 1-2-3).  The basic sheet provides for five flocks and can be easily expanded for more.  A companion program, Weekly Flock Record (below), can be used in conjunction with this program for other performance measurements (egg size, feed conversion, etc.).

    In recent years, daily monitoring of egg production and mortality has become more important as we try to determine when egg production and/or mortality problems are just beginning relative to disease and/or management.  In order to effectively use this type of data, it is imperative that eggs and mortality data are collected at the same time for each day. 

    This spreadsheet is designed to allow daily entry of eggs produced and mortality counts.  It is suggested that the reports be printed immediately after the final egg collection for the day and made available to management.  Any measurable differences in egg production rates and/or mortality need to be highlighted and acted upon as soon as possible

    A record system for 5 flocks (can be expanded) to summarize daily hen counts, mortality, and egg numbers into a weekly summary. This program is intended to be used to provide flock managers with daily summaries of egg production and mortality comparisons on a timely basis (the same afternoon).

  2. Weekly Flock Record (WEEKRCD- A record system for weekly analyses of up to 5 flocks (can be expanded) comparing egg production, feed consumption and conversion, mortality, case weights, egg mass and body weights.
  3. Molt Monitoring (MOLTSCHE) - This program monitors daily egg production, mortality, and body weight losses during a molt. Also included are molting method recommendations and a weekly summary of egg production compared to a standard.
  4. Flock Indexing (FLKINDEX) - This program analyzes the economic significance of multiple performance traits. Upon entry of beginning hen counts, weekly hen day egg production, weekly mortality rates, weekly average case weights and weekly feed consumption the program calculates hen housed egg production, standardized egg values and feed costs and weekly current and to-date flock indices (egg income minus feed costs per hen housed).
  5. Depreciation and Interest Calculator (DEPINT) - This program calculates annual and per dozen costs (interest and depreciation) of pullets, and building & equipment costs (for pullets, layers and egg processing) based upon variable inputs of interest rates and amortization lives for buildings and equipment.
  6. Projected Energy Intake of Laying Hens (ENERGY) - This program estimates dietary energy intake, feed consumption and feed costs per dozen based upon temperature, body weight, egg mass (egg production x egg weight), feed price, and feathering. Modifying any of these factors will change the prediction.  pdficon.gif (272 bytes) Supplemental information for energy program.
  7. Case Weights and Egg Values (CASEWT) - This program uses current egg prices (user input) and standardized egg size distributions for case weights ranging from 36 to 55 pounds (at 1/2 pound increments) to calculate per dozen values (blend prices) for 39 different case weights. In addition, it calculates second cycle case weight values with four different egg quality scenarios.
  8. Summary of the Egg Check and Invoice (EGGRECAP) - A program that summarizes the egg grade-out percentages, price relationships, undergrade distribution and deductions. The system can be used for daily or weekly analyses and for a single flock or multiple flocks.
  9. Cash flow for Replacement Pullets (PULLCOST) - This program can be used for budgeting a future flock of replacement pullets from 0 - 20 weeks or to keep track of actual costs. Itemized costs with sub totals can be modified to meet company requirements.  pdficon.gif (272 bytes)  Supplemental information for replacement pullet program.
  10. Optimum Cage Density (OPCGDEN) - This program was written by Dr. William Roush and modified by Don Bell. It compares net returns per cage for different bird numbers per cage using variable egg production and feed consumption data provided by the user.